A bit about me

Hey! My name is Lucy and I’m 1 year into my gluten and dairy free journey. 

I’m a twenty-something coffee-loving cat parent, currently living in the UK but dreaming of moving somewhere different. I completed a degree in Spanish translation in 2018, and have since muddled my way through an ‘almost-in-my-mid-20s-crisis’ career block, before finally finding a job in marketing. 

I’ve always been a one-pan pasta kind of cook, but after suffering from chronic fatigue and being forced to radically change my diet, I’ve had to get a bit more inventive. 

Lucy the blog owner, wearing a polka dot dress and smiling

As a result, this blog was born.

I guess it’s a way for me to document my new slightly bizarre eating habits. 

blog owner wearing a kimono and smiling while climbing up some stone steps in Japan

My battle with chronic fatigue

All through uni, I struggled with extreme chronic fatigue. Which was fine when you only have 10 hours of class a week and can take naps during the day. Then I went into full-time work, and suddenly I wasn’t coping anymore.

Most days I would end up escaping the office to sleep in my car during my lunch break, but would go straight back to glassing over a computer screen for the rest of the day. Getting up before 7am, day after day, felt like physical pain.

Factor into that my regular workouts and heavy weight-training multiple times a week, and I rapidly fell into a cycle of burning out and falling sick. 

After a long and rather miserable year,

I decided to start exploring some options and went to see a nutritionist.

My experience with Fodmap

I was initially put on the good old FODMAP diet, which, like many people, I didn’t manage to keep up for very long. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it essentially involves eliminating every single food that’s ever caused issues for anyone, and then gradually reintroducing them all to see what your body reacts to. 

loose blueberries on a wooden board

Think everything from bread and yoghurt, to onion and garlic, to broccoli and peanuts. But despite still eating the odd egg or green bean, I did find the fatigue gradually, silently, disappeared.

After six months when I was away for a weekend in Germany, I thought to myself – what the hell, today’s the day to eat an entire kilo of pizza and cheese dumplings. Then I followed it up the next day with a big bowl of pasta.

The result was a rushing back of that instant, crippling brain fog that I had so quickly and conveniently forgotten about.

So I resigned myself to a GF diet

So, begrudgingly, I prepared myself to accept a life of dry sliced bread and rubbery fake cheese… Except that it’s not actually living up to the terrible stereotypes that I had braced myself for. 

Yes, the vegan cheese is awful. Don’t do it to yourself.

But the bread? The pasta? The cake?

Take a look at some of the recipes I’ll be building up on this site. I promise there’s food out there that’s just as good as what you and I were used to.

Welcome to my blog!